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Adventures with Venturists

Children playing on the beach

Over the next few weeks they will be meeting, talking, throwing ideas around and eventually, planning their own projects. Projects aimed at improving the community in some way that will be sustainable in the future.

It has been a joy to meet the children and to hear all about their interests. They’re certainly very community minded individuals who have done sponsored events for charity and are full of ideas from talent contests to reclaiming the children’s play-park.

It is early days for our first group of Venturists but in time we will have guided them from the drawing board to a place where they can actually put their plans into action. And we cant’t wait to see what they do!

Many people will already be aware of the ‘No Barriers To Sport’ project, previously ‘Daisy’s Wish’. Thought-up by 7 year old Daisy, ‘No Barriers To Sport’ provides an area where people can donate sportswear, trainers, plimsolls, swimwear, PE kits… If it’s sports related it can be donated. This kit is then left out in the Centre4 foyer and free to a good home. That’s right! Free! Anyone who needs it can come along and help themselves.

It is projects such as this one, projects that answer the needs of members of the community, that our Venturists are working on. We hope to recruit more Venturists in the near future, so that more children can see what a difference they can make when they get the chance to put their ideas into action.