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ERA Employment Agency Award Winners

The Team are delighted to receive the award and believe that it shows that the ethical approach to recruitment is the way forward, which can contribute towards driving positive change in the Community.

Mark Webb the MD at E-Factor read out this synopsis to announce the winner of our category: This was the most entered category of the Awards, which says a lots of positive things about our local business community. Whilst it was a very difficult decision, the judges thought the winner showed remarkable focus on really being at the heart of the community and like so many other successful companies, they took an established market and thought it could be done better. Better for the area and better for the community we live in.  Already nationally recognised for their approach to the sector,  and  with plans for further expansion,  the team at this company live eat and breathe their mission to change the Face of Recruitment by making people, not profit Their focus. The winner is The Ethical Recruitment Agency.

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Children playing on the beach

Adventures with Venturists

Over the next few weeks they will be meeting, talking, throwing ideas around and eventually, planning their own projects. Projects aimed at improving the community in some way that will be sustainable in the future.

It has been a joy to meet the children and to hear all about their interests. They’re certainly very community minded individuals who have done sponsored events for charity and are full of ideas from talent contests to reclaiming the children’s play-park.

It is early days for our first group of Venturists but in time we will have guided them from the drawing board to a place where they can actually put their plans into action. And we cant’t wait to see what they do!

Many people will already be aware of the ‘No Barriers To Sport’ project, previously ‘Daisy’s Wish’. Thought-up by 7 year old Daisy, ‘No Barriers To Sport’ provides an area where people can donate sportswear, trainers, plimsolls, swimwear, PE kits… If it’s sports related it can be donated. This kit is then left out in the Centre4 foyer and free to a good home. That’s right! Free! Anyone who needs it can come along and help themselves.

It is projects such as this one, projects that answer the needs of members of the community, that our Venturists are working on. We hope to recruit more Venturists in the near future, so that more children can see what a difference they can make when they get the chance to put their ideas into action.

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‘Who or what are ERA?’ I hear you ask.
ERA are the Ethical Recruitment Agency based here at Centre4.
‘What is an Ethical Recruitment Agency?’
Well, they’re just like a normal recruitment agency, in that they recruit people for work, but they are also ‘ethical’, and so much more than just a recruitment agency. As a not-for-profit company any money they do make is used to enhance the opportunities of those looking for new work.

We all know how important driving jobs have become during the pandemic and as we move forward. ERA understood this and decided to use some of their profits from last year to offer HGV training. The training began in December and six of those people have already been offered jobs as a result. Many congratulations to them!

It is this investment in people, the desire to offer truly transformational opportunities and the ability to adapt to the changes in the job market that have marked ERA out as an Award Winning organisation, earning them “Recruiter of the year and Covid Champion Award 2021 for the outstanding work done supporting the community through lockdown. As we move into and through 2022, we know that ERA will continue to give all sorts of new starts to all sorts of people.

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