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‘Who or what are ERA?’ I hear you ask.
ERA are the Ethical Recruitment Agency based here at Centre4.
‘What is an Ethical Recruitment Agency?’
Well, they’re just like a normal recruitment agency, in that they recruit people for work, but they are also ‘ethical’, and so much more than just a recruitment agency. As a not-for-profit company any money they do make is used to enhance the opportunities of those looking for new work.

We all know how important driving jobs have become during the pandemic and as we move forward. ERA understood this and decided to use some of their profits from last year to offer HGV training. The training began in December and six of those people have already been offered jobs as a result. Many congratulations to them!

It is this investment in people, the desire to offer truly transformational opportunities and the ability to adapt to the changes in the job market that have marked ERA out as an Award Winning organisation, earning them “Recruiter of the year and Covid Champion Award 2021 for the outstanding work done supporting the community through lockdown. As we move into and through 2022, we know that ERA will continue to give all sorts of new starts to all sorts of people.